Research Labs

At PropGod, our core belief is that internet can be used to make lives of millions in India better. We aspire to build products that are simple enough to be used by one and all. Property, being one of the necessities to lead a respectable life is a very important aspect of one's journey through life. Many spend most of their time under the same shelter during their entire lives, be it home or work place. And internet technologies can play a huge role in making experiences around properties, be it buying, renting or selling one convenient.

Being an internet based company, the following are the pillars of our tech strategy


We intend to make property listings with pictures and other details, readily available to every user, be it over a computer or a mobile phone; on internet and off internet. Similarly, we want to make the contacts between seekers and sellers / professionals seamless and extremely convenient.


Our aim is to bring property experience as close as possible to real time. We also wish to provide our users with the correct property related information. In addition to pictures and other details of properties, we will go great distances while bringing users to "touch" and "feel" properties using different technologies. We want our users to come back to us again and again and technologies that make our users stick to us make us happy.


For us, the data of our users is as precious as our lives and we will protect user interests for ever. We are in constant look out for technologies that will fortify our systems and provide impeccable privacy to our users.

We are constantly experimenting on new technologies like

  • Internet of Things
  • 3D and 4D rendering
  • Gamification
  • Augmented Realty
  • Wearables
  • Big Data
Contact Information: Write to us at research@propgod.com, if you are an individual, a company or represent an institution to join us in our endeavor with a small note on your profile and potential, and we will get back to you.